The fridge’s fruits friends!

Nume : The fridge’s fruits friends


Once upon a time there were three fruity friends : a Strawberry, an Apple and a Kiwi all sharing the same  fridge.

And after the chilly winter came they’ve made themselves a newer friend a Bunny Rabbit was his name, and all of them shared happily the same old fridge.



But then the rabbit got the chill and found as tasty as you and me the white of  the lovely whipped cream!

And one by one the fruity friends felt the chilling bite of their once called fridge friend  :

The Strawberry

Capsuna cu frisca

Capsuna cu frisca

and then…



The Kivi

Kivi cu frisca

Kivi cu frisca

and him too…



And finnally the mighty Apple too as dessert, he became:



But still all of you will ask of me the faith of the last of the four fruity friend…the rabbit of course you mean!!! well him…he went down the bin…



And of all our friends you see the fridge is the only frosty be’ that remained with you and me.


Disclamer: Niciun fruct ori animal nu au fost raniti cu ocazia acestui proiect fotografic. Cat despre frigider, he enjoyed the visit I think.


11 gânduri despre „The fridge’s fruits friends!

  1. Ete lulu! nu e suficient sa faci 3 poze ca sa ajungi regizor, ai nevoie de vedere de ansamblu si de multe alte trasaturi pe care eu in mod cert nu le posed!

    • Ahh nu dar tot vroiam sa am un proiect de natura moarta si am inceput prin a face poze la fructe dar mi s-a parut plain asa ca am marit putin miza 😀

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